Does your Vocal Remover really work? Like really really?

Hell yeah! We understand that this is a common question. There are a lot of services, tools and methods out there that don’t really do the job. However, we know that our services is working perfectly. No more postprocessing or complex tasks¬†for you – we rely on one of the most powerful artificial intelligence systems for audio processing. In addition our audio team checks every file to optimize it and to make sure you only get the best quality.

Where can I hear examples of your Vocal Remover?

Please check some examples here.

Is this an web-only service or do you offer a vocal remover tool to download?

Our service is only offered via removevocals.com. We do not offer or plan to develop a standalone desktop tool for vocal removing or audio processing. Having our service online we can guarantee to make it accessible for everybody anytime.

Does your vocal remover work on mobile?

Of course our service can be accessed by any mobile device. All you need is an internet connection to visit our website and to order/upload songs.

Where’s the difference to free vocal remover tools?

Since we rely on technologies that work with¬†sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms we can offer better quality than most free vocal removing tools. Due to learned behavior using tons of music footage artificial intelligence systems can “hear” what parts are sung and where instrumentals are playing. Having this ability, it is easy for an intelligent vocal remover to split tracks into karaoke and acapella files.

What about manual approaches like Audacity?

There are possibilities to remove vocals with Audacity or similar audio tools. However, this takes a lot of time and does not work very well most of the time. The problem is that all frequencies are layered in a single audio file. Even dozens of filters, multi-band EQs and stereo tools won’t help to split audio tracks. The only way is to have a neural brain, that understands, how music works as a single file. This is why our online karaoke maker is able to separate the different frequencies easily.

How long will it take until I receive the results?

After ordering the vocal removing process starts right away. Since we offer a manual human check to provide perfect quality, it can take up to one business day. However, our statistics show the average delivery time was 1.2 hours over the past year so we are here for you as fast as we can.

How do I upload my files?

After purchasing, please send your song via email. You will get our email address on the “Thank you” page after your purchase.

What files will I get?

You will receive lossless high quality instrumental and acapella files. This means you will get one audio track that plays only the instruments of the uploaded song. The other audio file will only contain vocals and voices. This allows you to be as creative as possible.

What can I do with separated audio tracks?

There are no limits for creativity. You can sing to a song to practise it, after you removed the vocals. You can play a solo or an instrument to any song. You can remix and produce something with the vocal-only files. You can also create mashups and bootlegs if you’re a DJ. You can even rearrange the original song if you are a choirmaster or play in an orchestra.

Do you offer bulk orders?

Yes we do. Please contact our team regarding bulk discounts (100+ songs or videos/movies longer than 1 hour).

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Since we offer digital good we can not offer a money-back guarantee, unfortunately. Please take a listen to our examples to hear what results you can expect.

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